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          title Date Hit
          Baolong single-channel dryer serve for Luli OSB production line[2020-07-18]316
          Baolong successfully assisted the first OSB production line in Thailand[2020-03-04]444
          Wanhua Jingmen project straw ecological board preparation section equipment has been ready to go[2017-10-10]1048
          Jiangsu Baolong provided satisfactory service for custormer in Thailand![2017-03-29]1057
          Jiangsu Baolong successfully completed the second batch of Wanhua Hunan project[2017-01-19]1095
          Jiangsu Baolong Thailand POWGE project is under installing[2016-12-02]1240
          Installation work for Duraplay in Mexico has entered a white-hot stage[2016-11-25]1296
          Jiangsu Baolong OKI project has made breakthrough progress.[2016-11-25]1117
          Jiangsu Baolong successfully passed the customs AEO certification![2016-11-25]1072
          Report for site installation of Baolong OKI Project[2016-03-09]1427
          DIEFFENBACHER Group visit Baolong[2016-03-03]1848
          Baolong successful delivery for Duraplay project[2016-03-03]3341
          Warmly celebrate the delivery of drum debarker shell for APP[2015-04-20]1452
          Baolong attend WookMac China[2015-03-19]1681
          Warmly congratulate the trademark ”Baolong“ was awarded the title of [2014-04-29]1632
          Honest and trust to customer [2010-10-18]2308
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