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          News Center
          Chip screen&Flake screen
          Imported and domestic medium fiber or shaving board with annual output 220,000 cubic ………
          Ring flaker&Double-stream mill
          Small investment, low energy consumption, less land occupation, low cost for construction ...
          Subsidiary companies: New Products
          Keywords search:
          Forestry machinery series .
          Forestry machinery series

          Pulp & paper making, artificial board, density board production wood handling expert, providing design, manufacture, installation and commissioning service.
          Metallurgical machinery series Metallurgical machinery series
          bar production line
          galvanization, color coated plate production line, high speed steel wire production line , medium and thick plate production line
          Mining machinery series Mining machinery series
          Providing maximum 500,000cubic meters floatation machine
          Write the plate-type feeder national standard widely used in metal mine, phosphor mining and concrete production industry etc
          Environmental protection series Environmental protection series
          Spiral pump series
          solid liquid separation machine
          mud scrapper
          thickener etc. equipments
          Shaving board dryer system Shaving board dryer system
          Newly developed new model of air current wood chip dryer equipments
          Tower tube for wind power Tower tube for wind power
          One of the biggest tower pipe production bases in china.
          Supplier of auxiliary equipments of wind power for several biggest and reputable wind power equipments manufacturers
          Performance More...
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