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          Brief Introduction
            Brief Introduction of Jiangsu Baolong Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
            Jiangsu Baolong Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the key leading enterprises of Liyang,it is the member of China forestry machinery association,China paper association and Jiangsu“New&Hi-Tech”enterprise.Our company's total assets is 28 million RMB, there are 1000 staff at present, among which, various professional personnel amounts to more than 200 people. We are equipped with various kinds of precise, heavy and rare processing equipments, and also with scientific, accurate and complete detection technique and means.
            With comprehensive technical strength,we have been devoted to the R&D of such products as mining machinery,forestry machinery,agro feed machinery, metallurgical machinery, electrical engineering machinery, etc.For many years. “The Green Manufacturing Key Technology and Equipment”project about“Low Consumption Auto-forging Centre Equipment Technology Development&Application of Disc Spare Parts”Subject studied by Baolong cooperation with Beijing Electromechanical Institute,have gained“National Science and Technology Support Plan”.In recent years,several domestic reputable forestry mechanical experts joined Baolong who gathered the latest technology both domestically and internationally nowadays,have successfully developed the complete equipment of wood preparing process of wood-based panel and pulp&paper industries;main products are complete equipments of debarking and wood preparing section and partical board drying system;log debarker series; drum chippers and disc chippers;wood chip screen and recutting machine,;flaker and polisher series;chip silo series;granulator series;various conveyors etc.The products sold well both domestic and overseas,such as Indonesia,Malsysia,Thailand,Mynamar,Vietnam,Mexico and Poland,well received by users. Among them, the model BX21 series that successfully developed by our own company charactered with low energy consumption, high capacity and advanced technology and has filled in the domestic project blank.“Baolong”brand Small-diameter Log Tyre-driven Drum Debarking、Chipping、and Sieving Complete Equipment certified as “New&Hi-Tech Product”by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department.Jiangsu Baolong Small-diameter Log Type-driven Drum Debarking,Chipping and Sieving Complete Line Industry certified as Chinese “2007 ational Torch Plan”.A number of products and technologies access to various patent.
            The company insists on the management theory that“refine the quality,honor the reputation, satisfy the users”all the time, make great efforts to offer better products and service to users. The company pays attention to the modern enterprise management,build company's overall image with all strength, and constantly expand the market field and show the good development prospect.The company has passed the authentication of ISO9001:2008 quality management system,and in these years it has been awarded many honorary titles as“Top-china brand” “Jiangsu  New&Hi-Tech enterprise”“Jiangsu famous trademark”“Changzhou famous brand”“Observe Contracts and Keep Promise Enterprise”,“Top 20 private enterprises ”“ ' AAA ' Credit Enterprise ”“Trustworthy Enterprise of the Bank”, and is chosen as Scientific Research Enterprise in successive years.
            Jiangsu Baolong Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. locates in Kunlun Economic Development Zone,Liyang,Jiangsu,belongs to“Yangtze Delta”,surrounded by several well-known cities as Shanghai,Suzhou,Wuxi,Nanjing,Zhenjiang,Changzhou,Hangzhou,etc.With  superior environment and convenient traffic.We warmly welcome friends both home and abroad to cooperate and seek development altogether.
          ADD:No.18,Tengfei Road,Liyang,Jiangsu,China.    TEL:+86-519-87305803    FAX:+86-519-87301886
          Copyright ? 2010 Baolong Electromechanical Manufacture Co., Ltd All rights reserved.