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          Products Search
          Research and development
          ·Technical center


          ·Production site
          ·Production equipment
          Technical center
            One,The establishment of company's products research and development dept.
          Company establishes the products research and development dept on the basis of technology dept and enroll widely all kinds of professional technological talents in inner company and also from society, provides promising future for the technician, encourage innovation, cultivate a number of excellent technicians. The team of total 200 technicians has been formed and ensures the healthy and continuous development of company. Technology centre continuously make innovation, using the most advanced 3-D CAD and design software to make research and development of products. At the same time, the ideals have been renovated during the research and state advanced level for the production orientation, company corporate with the authorization technology institute and make excellent design on the basis of market research and domestic and overseas products, employ domestic notable engineers to make guidance and design ensuring first grade of product structure and performance.
             two,establishment of full function dept.
          Establishment full function dept. for research and development centre project dept, implements project responsibility system, and ensure the products project’s market adaptability and advanced products structure performance during the development process, high quality of products during the production process and the reliable products after operation, in order to provide customer with our best products and service and reliable guarantee.
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