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          Company Profile
          ·Brief Introduction

          ·Corporate Culture

          ·Awards& Honors
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          Customer service
          service concept
          Company's tenet "100% client's satisfaction"
          service standard "guidance and design according to client's requirements"
          Clients' satisfaction as our target and tenet structuring perfect service system.
          Endeavour to do better as service requirements ensure the quality of service
          Integrity,honest,high quality and fast service
          service promise
          Whenever and wherever,as long as dial sales hotline:0086-519-87305803 or fax 0086-519-87388131,our after service servant will provide client satisfied,integrity, high quality and fast,efficient service.
          Client"s complaint acceptance rate 100%, and reaction for the minor quality complaints within 12 hours, for serious quality complaints , we will reach the site within 72 hours, respect client’s request, replacement and borne the corresponding responsibility.
          Pre-sales: keep touch with clients, know clients' requirements and desire, and serve design at clients' place and provide individuation service.
          Sales: establish tracking system, know clients' feedback for the products and provide consultant and shopping guide and deliver the products at requested place. 
          After - ales : installation , commissioning, training, guidance, inspect, visiting, consult the suggestions, make analysis and continue to make improvements.
          ADD:No.18,Tengfei Road,Liyang,Jiangsu,China.    TEL:+86-519-87305803    FAX:+86-519-87301886
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