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          Products Search
          Products List
          Mining machinery series

          ·floatation equipment

          ·Crusher equipment
          ·Apron feeder& conveying equipment
          forestry machinery series
          ·disc chipper series
          ·drum chipper series
          ·Log debarkers& Complete wood handling system
          ·Portable chipper& hammer chippers
          ·Chips screens
          ·Milling machines
          ·conveying equipment
          ·drying equipment
          ·Oriented strand board production equipment
          metallurgy mechanical series
          ·Colour coating & galvanizing line equipment
          · High speed stepping cooling bed
          environmental protection machinery series
          ·BLLX model spiral pump
          ·Rotary solid /liquid separator
          ·BLNS model sludge concentrator mud scraper
          ·BLNZ centre drive thickener
          ·BLGL800-4000 series bar screen
          ·BLFL model shaftless screw conveyor
          ·BLFJ model propelled agitator
          ·BLFJ model reaction agitator
          Chip Screens&Flake Screen

          1,Jiangsu Baolong's Chips Screens series are specialty equipment for wood chips production line. These are mainly used for separation of the different sizes of wood chips from the production process. The chips specifications are achieved through the use of different mesh sizes of the screens. This series of equipment are widely used in wood chips production lines of pulp and paper mills, MDF board and particle Board industries.

          2,This series of wood Chips Screens are suitable for production capacity ranging from 15 to 200m3/h. Customer can select from a range of standard models in accordance with their requirement.

          3,The main components of this series of Chips Screens are the frame, screen housing, screens,eccentric shaft parts, vibrating arm assembly and universal joints. Screen area as 15m2, better screening capacity complete with SKF bearings, ROSTA universal joints, high strength screen mesh, marking the performance more reliable.

          BF14100 Vibrating chips Screen          

           BF14150 Vibrating chips Screen  


          Main Technical Parameter of Chip Screen

                                                 BF1450B Flake Screen                                     


          Main Technical Parameter of Flake Screen

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