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          Products Search
          Products List
          Mining machinery series

          ·floatation equipment

          ·Crusher equipment
          ·Apron feeder& conveying equipment
          forestry machinery series
          ·disc chipper series
          ·drum chipper series
          ·Log debarkers& Complete wood handling system
          ·Portable chipper& hammer chippers
          ·Chips screens
          ·Milling machines
          ·conveying equipment
          ·drying equipment
          ·Oriented strand board production equipment
          metallurgy mechanical series
          ·Colour coating & galvanizing line equipment
          · High speed stepping cooling bed
          environmental protection machinery series
          ·BLLX model spiral pump
          ·Rotary solid /liquid separator
          ·BLNS model sludge concentrator mud scraper
          ·BLNZ centre drive thickener
          ·BLGL800-4000 series bar screen
          ·BLFL model shaftless screw conveyor
          ·BLFJ model propelled agitator
          ·BLFJ model reaction agitator
          Ring flaker&Double-stream mill
               This series of Knife Ring Flakers are the main equipment for the production of particleboard. These are suitable for handling raw material such as wood chips, bamboo chips, veneer sheet rejects. The material is cut into flakers of the required thickness and used for particleboard manufacturing. The features of the Knife Ring Flakers include compact design and layout, high throughput, good flakes quality, easy to maintain and operate, safe and reliable, and is currently a more advanced Flaker in the Chinese domestic market. Our standard models are suitable for 5,000 to 80,000 M3 annum of particle board production line.

          Main Technical Parameter of Ring Flaker

          Main Technical Parameter of Double-strream mill

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